It’s your HOME

and you’re going to be here awhile so ….

Let’s get comfortable

Design consulting & planning

by Susan Binder
Phone: 541-929-4454      E-mail: susan@susanbinder.com

We love our homes, or at least we want to love our homes, but sometimes:

  • the power and water bills are too high,
  • the hallway is too long or too dark,
  • there is not enough closet space,
  • the dining room is embarrassingly ugly,
  • you are not getting a restful sleep at night,
  • there’s no place for the recycling or the compost,
  • changes in the family means you must rethink how you use space,
  • a fall or injury has brought to mind concerns about staying in your home.

Throughout the course of our lives we use our homes in many different ways.  We enjoy a rich dynamic life within a static structure.  Whether  your house needs a tweak or a major overhaul, let our fresh eyes help find a better way to enjoy your home.
Give us a call or send an email and we will be very happy to help you.